UpCycle by Fiber ProTector

UpCycle means to reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original according to Oxford Languages. 

Our UpCycle treatment is meant to ease the pressure on the environment and also to provide new value to products ready to be discarded. The EPA estimates that we throw away around 9 million tons of furniture each year. Not only is it wasteful, but it’s also not a good investment.

We saw this as an opportunity to give new life to furniture ready to be thrown out – and therefore we created our concept UpCycle. 

UpCycle Chair Before
UpCycle Chair After
UpCycle Chair Before
UpCycle Chair After

What Is UpCycle

  • UpCycle for the professional market is all about creating new life in worn-out textiles and furniture. 
  • It gives old furniture new value and prolongs the life of textiles about to be thrown out. 
  • After our UpCycle-treatment – the need for chemicals, water and energy when cleaning the furniture is reduced. 
  • Continued maintenance is also made easier. Furniture and textiles protected with our fabric protection will keep the liquids from entering the fibres in the textile.
  • A paper towel or microfiber cloth will most of the time do the trick. 

For preserving and reconditioning
There is no reason to limit the use of Fiber ProTector for new fabric only. The treatment is successfully used on older, used furniture and fabric with exceptional or affectionate value. Our competent workforce also cleans and rinses used furniture and carpets before Fiber ProTector is applied. Complete treatment programs are offered where applicable.

UpCycle Chair Before
UpCycle Chair After

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