Wash-In Protection

Very simple usage, just dose according to instructions in the washing machine or hand wash. 

Dry afterwards in a dryer/ drying cabinet or use an iron to heat activate the protection.


Fiber ProTector Wash-in is best for clothes without a breathable and waterproof membrane. Pants, jackets and accessories. Best used for cotton, wool, fleece, polyester etc.

Gives GoreTex its original qualities back!

Fiber ProTector lets the fabric breathe and let out moisture, while still keeping water and dirt out. This is extra important on fabrics with a membrane-like GoreTex & SympaTex among others. 

It reduces physical wear and tear and prolongs the life of the fabrics.

Gives all washable textiles effective protection against dirt, liquids and dust while still keeping their natural breathing abilities. Perfect for protecting working-, training-, or outdoor clothing.


Application Instructions:
  • Shake and add to the machines rinse aid chamber or to the washbin. In machine use 1/2 amount of water. Follow the fabric washing instruction without fabric softener.
  • When hand-washing, stir in sink for approx. 10 min.
  • The product does not work without heat activation. Dry the fabric in a dryer for 60 for a minimum of 30 minutes. Ironing of air-dried fabrics gives the same result.
Dosage, new protection:
  • Polyester Materials; 100ml per kg dry cloth = 3 caps.
  • Polyester/ Cotton-Blend; 250ml per kg dry cloth =  7 caps.

Dosage, re-protection:

  • Polyester Materials; 10ml per kg dry cloth = 1/3 cap.
  • Polyester/ Cotton-Blend; 30ml per kg dry cloth = 1 full cap.

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