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Approved for demanding surroundings
The products is tested and approved by a range of institutions regarding the environment and safety: 


Fiber ProTector meets all requirements for use in commercial airplanes, private jets, ships and rail, places where the standard requirements for fire safety and for emission of damaging gases during a fire are mandatory

We keep the Cinemas, theatres and culture houses in Scandinavia clean and protected. These spaces often get exposed to a lot of grease, snacks, gum and liquids
Conference mingling area
We help Hotels keep the public areas fresh and clean, at all time.
Hotel room
Presenting Hotel rooms as it should be.
Railroad Sector
“We have just had a train coach that is treated with Fiber ProTector, for cleaning the interior. We removed a number of stains from coffee and chocolate, using only a moist micro fiber cloth. The result was that it was very easy to remove these stains. The cleaning staff could not believe how easy it was! We are positive towards a continuation of this co-operation and have saved a considerable amount of time using this product.” Hasse Edström, ISS TraffiCare AB
Cruise Ships
“On board ships, cruise passengers expect seating, carpets, curtains and similar materials to be spotless. The application of Fiber ProTector treatments can help the cruise operator maintain high standards, enabling housekeeping staff on board to remove organic stains more quickly and easily. Consequently, areas that require cleaning are rarely out of commission for long during cruise operations” Cruise Business Review
Private Jets & Commercial Airplanes
“We chose to make the Fiber ProTector our standard fabric protection treatment, as it offers superior protection over the chemicals we used in the past without changing the appearance, texture or integrity of the quality materials we install in our Corporate Aircrafts” Brandi Bradley Taylor, Supervisor, Interior Design, Dassault Falcon Jet

Proven through testing
Jan Christer Eriksson (Professor in Physical Chemistry, KTH Stockholm) About the effect achieved by  treatment of fabric with Fiber ProTector:

“The grime-rejecting effect is directly related to the fluorocarbon chain of molecular
properties; they protect against both water and oil, an unusual combination. One can express this in a way that no substance, regardless of chemical combination, has the ability to attach itself to a fabric  surface that has been treated with Fiber ProTector. This explains the antistatic effect and the reduced  effect of wear and tear. Another result is a high contact angle for oil drops as well as water drops,  which is an advantage seen from a cleaners point
of view.


  • Bar Area
  • Carpets
  • Common Areas
  • Conference Rooms
  • Hotel Rooms 
  • Restaurants

Office Areas

More often than not are offices exposed to coffee, dirty shoes during winter months and normal wear and tear both on office chairs and carpets. 

Our protection will help you avoid dirty carpets or coffee-spilt chairs. 

It also makes maintenance more bearable where most dirt can be removed with just vacuuming. 

  • Canteen
  • Carpets
  • Common Areas
  • Conference Rooms
  • Office Chairs

Cinemas & Theatres

Cinemas, theatres and culture houses often get exposed to a lot of grease, snacks, gum and liquids. 

When going to the cinema; popcorn and chocolate are popular snacks – both of which leave stains that look unwelcoming. We also experience a lot of people leaving gum under the seat. The gum itself sticks to the fabric, and it is hard to remove it all. 

Our competent crew have during the years done work in countless cinemas and culture houses. This leaves us with a wide range of experience – and can in many cases make the seat looking like almost new again. 

Read some of our testimonials if you want!

Educational Buildings

Many schools and universities have common areas where a lot of people hang out during the day. Food, coffee, snacks and beverages can leave stains on fabrics. Also, classrooms and auditoriums are heavily used. 

Our fabric treatment prolongs the life of the fabrics.

We have a wide experience in cleaning and protecting educational buildings. All from common area sofas & lounge chairs to auditoriums to chairs in the canteen. 

What to expect?

Fiber ProTector treatments will not keep spills and dirt from landing on a carpet or chair. It simply provides easy stain removal and reduced intervals of deep cleaning, thereby achieving considerable savings in cleaning and refurbishment costs. 

The net effect is that the original appearance can be maintained by good household hygiene.

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